Circadian Optics Lumos Review: Is This the Ultimate Portable SAD Light?


In Short

Product Name: Circadian Optics Lumos – Portable LED Light Therapy Lamp
Latest Review Date: 17 July 2019
Price Guideline: $

Possibly the best portable SAD lamp on the market, which looks great and can be used wirelessly thanks to its rechargeable battery.


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  • USB powered – no need for an AC adapter and cord
  • Three brightness settings
  • 10,000 lux of light on the brightest setting – 10,000 lux is the recommended light intensity level to treat SAD effectively
  • Full spectrum light
  • LED bulbs with 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Can be wall hung
  • Lithium rechargeable battery for wireless use
  • 100% UV free
  • Small, sleek design

Product Information

  • Eco-Friendly. No lead or mercury. No UV or IR Radiation
  • Adapter Input: DC5V 2A
  • USB Input: DC5V 500mA-1000mA
  • Material: ABS
  • Maximum lux: 10,000
  • Color temperature: 5500K
  • Battery capacity: 1800mA
  • Weight: 575g
  • Size: 10.2” x 14.4” x 3.3”
  • USB Charging Cord length: 1.8m
  • CRI: >90

In The Box

  • Circadian Optics Lumos Lamp
  • USB Cable
  • AC Wall Plug Adapter
  • Complete instruction manual
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One year labor and parts warranty

So How Does The Circadian Optics Lumos Work?

The Circadian Optics Lumos sets itself apart from other SAD lamps as it is the only lamp that can be powered through a USB port. When you get it you need to make sure you charge it for six hours before your first use. A red light will come on to indicate it is charging, when this red light goes off it is fully charged.

Once it is charged you can of course use it cordlessly. It also has an AC wall plug adapter, so it can be used plugged in to a power source as well.

Circadian Optics Lumos

The Lumos has three light intensities, you must tap the button three times to cycle through the light intensities from lowest to medium to highest, and then a fourth tap will turn it off.

Once it is charged simply place it 12 to 18 inches away from you and use it for 30 to 60 minutes each morning, on the highest setting, for maximum effectiveness.

The lamp rotates in two places and opens in another, meaning you can position the light at pretty much any angle you want

The Good

The Lumos gets a big thumbs up from me for its size and compact design. It folds up into an extremely easy to transport unit that is incredibly thin and easy to carry from room to room, etc. Its’ footprint is tiny and it can also be wall mounted.

Of course it is so portable due to the fact that it has a lithium battery that you can charge, so you can then use it wirelessly. The fact it can be used without being plugged in is great as when you go away you don’t have to worry about finding a power point as long as you have your charger.

The battery life itself is also really good, a full charge lasts a good 7 or 8 hours, which gives you between a week and two weeks of daily usage depending upon the length of therapy you have.

As mentioned earlier in the review the Circadian Optics Lumos is the only light therapy lamp that can be powered through a USB port. This is really useful as it eliminates the need for an AC adapter and cord and you can plug it into your computer/laptop/tablet to get your light therapy, work on your computer and charge the light all at the same time!

The light is incredibly versatile. By that I mean you can twist the light head into pretty much any position you want! Up, down, side to side, twisting it all around – there really is no way that you can’t get it shining wherever you want.

It makes it so easy to set up and get your dose of light therapy wherever you maybe.

The three light intensities is a nice touch. Though only the highest intensity is really appropriate for light therapy, the two lower intensities make for a great task light or reading lamp to add even more versatility to the Lumos.

It is also a good way to help you adjust to light therapy if you are new to it, you can start on the lowest intensity and work your way up to the highest.

Finally, taking all of the above into account, it is very reasonably priced.

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The Bad

A common complaint with the Lumos is that it isn’t bright enough. It is rated at 10,000 lux and it could be something to do with the tone of the light, which is softer than many SAD lights, but it doesn’t appear as bright as other 10,000 lux lights.

One thing that is noticeable is that the light works perfectly when it is plugged into a power source with the supplied adapter. However if you are running it off the battery or it is plugged in with the USB cable there is a difference – it is definitely dimmer.

In comparison to some SAD Lights – such as the Carex Day-Light Sky or Carex Day-Light Classic – the surface area of the light is very small indeed. Now due to the versatility of this device you can still get your dose of light therapy by twisting the light head pretty much any which way you want, but a large area of light would make it easier and more effective.

The Lumos also has a slightly unstable base – it is a bit top heavy and a slight knock can result in it falling over and possibly breaking. Therefore you need to be careful about how you position it.

Finally it could do with the cord being a bit longer if you intend to use it plugged in. The short cord also makes it difficult if you are thinking about mounting it on the wall. However the USB option is a nice alternative.

An alternative, if you are looking for a cordless SAD Light, is the Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light HF3429.

The Beautiful

The look and design of the Circadian Optics Lumos is very much top notch.

It is sleek, smooth and doesn’t take up much room. The rotating parts function nicely and it looks very smart as well when all folded up. Top marks here.

And Does It Work?

Of course it does! One user after using it for the first time, was up at 5am wide awake, whilst other feedback came from someone who was averaging 1.5 hours more sleep a night within just a few days of using it.

Overall users seem to agree that the Lumos helps them sleep better, feel more awake and alert during the day and regulates their circadian rhythm.

SAD charity SADA have released figures showing that light therapy is effective in up to 85% of diagnosed cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is backed up by study after study that show light therapy makes a difference to those suffering with SAD:

In short – the chances are it will make a difference for you!

✔ Pros

✘ Cons

  • Small, compact and easy to transport
  • Rechargeable battery for wireless use
  • Good battery life
  • USB powered
  • Light can be rotated into pretty much any position
  • Three light intensities
  • Lovely design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good battery life
  • Light doesn’t always appear bright as some other 10,000 lux lights Light dims when running off of the battery or USB port
  • Small surface light area Slightly unstable
  • Cord could be longer
  • Fairly basic quality


My Verdict

My Rating - 88%


Best portable SAD lamp around?

The Lumos is pretty much all good. You’ve got wireless use due to the rechargeable battery, it is the only SAD lamp that can be powered by USB which I am surprised no one else had thought of, it is really compact and transportable and the light head itself can be rotated and twisted in pretty much any angle which means it is easy to set it up so the light is in a convenient place to hit your eyes.

It is a shame the surface area of the light is quite small, if it were greater then this would possibly be the best SAD lamp on the market, but then again the whole unit would have to be bigger and not as easy to transport, so it would lose something in that respect.

However for the price it is an excellent investment and a top quality product.

User Rating: 4.3 ( 1 votes)

Other Options

I really like the Circadian Optics Lumos and would say it is one of the best portable SAD Lights on the market, but there are other good portable lights around including the Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria and the Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp.

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of this product, or if you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

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