Best Negative Ion Generator 2024: Utilise the Energy of These Super Particles!

Sea Spray

Ever had a refreshing walk in the countryside or by the sea and got home feeling completely rejuvenated?

You have? Me too.

There is a reason for that you might not be totally aware of – negative ions.

Let me tell you a bit more about these amazing particles and give you a rundown of the best negative ion generators of 2024.

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Best Negative Ion Generators 2024:
At A Glance List

#1 TREKOO Air Purifier
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#2 Aviano AV890
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$$$92%Check Price
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#3 Pro Breeze
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$$91%Check Price
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#4 IonBox 20m
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$$91%Check Price
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#5 pureAir 50
>>> BEST FOR: Travel
$90%Check Price
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#6 AirTamer A310
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$$$90%Check Price
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#7 OION Technologies B-1000
>>> BEST FOR: Ease to Clean
$$89%Check Price
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#8 Nature Bright SunTouch Plus
>>> BEST FOR: SAD Light
$87%Check Price
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#9 HiKiNS
>>> BEST FOR: Budget
$85%Check Price
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So first things first…

What are negative ions?

Rather ironically there are positive ions floating in the air that are bad for us. These positive ions stem from many things we do at home, in offices and in factories – ie use computers, air conditioning, television, etc – and make us feel irritable and lethargic.

Now believe it or not…

The negative ions are the good guys here. They are found in abundance near waterfalls, the sea, in forests and mountains.

They attract impurities in the air (ie the positive ions) and stick to them so they become too heavy and fall to the floor, ie they effectively purify the air.

In fact, even better, medical research has shown that they also increase oxygen content in the blood, improve our immunity and promote our metabolism. No wonder they are known in scientific circles as ‘air vitamins’.

Effects of negatively charged air also include:

  • Increased sense of well being
  • Lowered anxiery
  • Decreased resting heart rate
  • Viruses are killed off
  • Pollutants and allergens are removed
  • Feeling of alertness
  • Promotion of plant growth

And scientific studies show that negative ions can enhance:

  • Your sleep quality
  • Your mental and physical performance
  • Your skin health
  • Your mood
  • Your level of concentration
  • Your libido

But here is the interesting thing:

Studies carried out at Columbia Psychiatric Institute tested the effects of negative ion on patients suffering from SAD.

And guess what they found?

That sitting in front of a negative ion generator for 30 minutes each morning over a course of a week produced as powerful an antidepressant effect as using a 10,000 lux SAD light for the same amount of time! That is why a negative ion generator could make a big difference for you.

Don’t just take our word for it though – you might want to read some of the research published by the US National Library of Medicine.

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Best Negative Ion Generators 2024

#1 TREKOO Home Air Purifier

Those looking for something small that works incredibly well.

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWxH): 6.89 x 6.89 x 2.24
  • Weight (lbs): 2.05
  • Output: 1 million neg. ions per sec
  • Ozone: <0.075ppm / <0.055ppm
  • 6 month warranty

Trekoo Air Purifier

Small but perfectly formed, the TREKOO Air Purifier can be used just about anywhere and is very effective.

First things first:

This TREKOO purifier releases negative ions and can clean and purify room air in rooms up to 166 square feet. It emits up to 1 million negative ions per second.

It has two modes – one for general rooms and one specifically for bathrooms. Essentially the bathroom mode is a stronger mode that creates O3 (ozone) at <0.075ppm, whereas the natural mode creates O3 at 0.055ppm

Now here is where it gets clever:

It has a motion sensor. So if this detects people in the room it will generate O3 for two minutes and stop for two minutes. It will run through this cycle three times before becoming dormant for two hours.

The sensor is good! It even picks up movement in the dark, and also it saves electricity as it only turns on when it senses someone or something around.

Even better:

The carbon filter, which is built in, can last for up to 15 years so there is no need to replace it and as I alluded to at the start this has a compact design that makes it very portable and easy to place.

In fact it can be laid flat, or it comes with screws and a wall plate to hang on the wall. Added to that it is quiet and really simple to use.


There are a couple of sticking points. Whilst this is easy to use the manual isn’t great and could definitely do with improving. The only other thing is this does give off a slightly stronger smell than other units, it certainly isn’t unpleasant but it is a bit more noticeable.

All in all:

This is a wonderfully effective air purifier and negative ion generator. It works fast to clear the air and puts out lots of negative ions.

Don’t let the small size deceive you – this thing works!




  • Great motion sensor
  • Easy to transport
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple room modes


  • Manual could be better
  • Slightly strong ozone smell
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#2 Aviano AV890

Those looking from more from their air purifier/negative ion generator

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWxH): 13.5 x 7 x 19.5
  • Weight (lbs): 13.15
  • Max Room Size (sq/ft): 350
  • PRICE GUIDE: $$$
Aviano AV890

The Aviano AV890 is a top of the range air purifier and negative ionizer with some great top end functionality.

Want to know the secret?

You can tell this is a higher end machine due to some of the features that set it apart from other cheaper air purifiers and negative ion generators.

It has an air quality sensor complete with display. So if the Aviano AV890 detects that the air quality is bad the display light will be red, if the air quality is ok it will turn yellow and if the air quality is good the light turns green.

And on top of that:

It has a smart setting, so if the unit detects the air quality is poor it will run the fan on a higher speed until the air is clean and then switch to a lower speed. You can also adjust the fan, to one of three speeds, manually.

It also has a sleep mode, that is quieter, to use when you are trying to get some shut eye.

It doesn’t stop there:

It is well designed and looks good, quiet even at the highest fan speed, it has seven filters (that are easy to change!) to ensure really clean air and a UV filter so not only will it purify you air it will sanitize it as well.

It also has a handy remote and a great negative ion generator.


This has a bright LED panel. When it is on sleep mode this does dim, but if you are sensitive to light you might find it annoying.

The buttons are quite sensitive and can’t be enclosed (ie there is no panel that can flip over them to prevent them being accidentally pushed) so you need to be aware of this.

All in all:

This is a solid, efficient and reliable air purifier with the added benefit of having a negative ion generator and in both respects it works very well indeed.




  • Nice auto sensor for air quality
  • Good sleep mode
  • Quiet 
  • UV filter
  • Remote control


  • LED Panel is very bright
  • Buttons easy to accidentally push
Check availability on Amazon

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#3 Pro Breeze 5-in-1

Those wanting an all round great air purifier and negative ion generator.

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWxH): 6.7 x 12.8 x 21
  • Weight (lbs): 9.9
  • Air Output (CADR): 218
  • Max Room Size (sq/ft): 500
Pro Breeze Air Purifier

As you might guess from the name the Pro Breeze Air Purifier use a 5-in-1 air purification system to clear the air of 99.97% of airborne pollutants.

But on top of that it also has a built-in negative ion generator that can be turned on with the flick of a switch.

So let’s dive in:

This is a nicely designed unit – sleek and stylish and great to look at. It straddles the line perfectly between being small enough that it doesn’t get in the way and large enough to cover a large area.

It can be used in rooms up to 500 sq/ft despite its minimalist design and is very quiet – you can barely hear it when it is working.

What is more:

It has a nice pick-up indent and can easily be picked up and moved and, despite catching a lot of airborne particles, it is easy to clean.

Easy is the watchword as it is so simple to use thanks to an intuitive touch panel, and it also has a built in filter replacement reminder. Although at $29 for a 5,000 hour filter the price is pretty good!

Finally it has three fan speeds, smart timers and a sleep mode, so this can automatically turn on or off after 1, 2 or 4 hours.

The negative ion generator works nicely too.

A couple of negatives:

The buttons are actually really bright! Some people might find the bright blue light overpowering if you are using at night.

And whilst this is really quiet as a whole, especially on fan speeds 1 and 2, when you switch it up from 2 to 3 it is a bit noisier.


With a great and effective air purification system and a nice negative ion generator it is easy to see why this has had such positive feedback.




  • Well designed
  • Good output
  • Easy to move
  • Nice features
  • Compact


  • Blue light is bright
  • A bit noisy on top fan speed
Check availability on Amazon

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#4 IonBox 20m

Those looking for the most powerful negative ion generator

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWcH): 6.1 x 4.4 x 2
  • Weight (lbs): 0.3
  • 20 million negative ions/sec
  • Dual Voltage: 110/220V
  • One year warranty

The IonBox 20m bills itself as the most powerful negative ion generator in its size class, and you know what? It is hard to argue with the claim.

The fact of the matter is:

This releases up to 20 million negative ions per second – this is undoubtedly more than other units of the same size and more than many larger units.

For you that means cleaner and healthier air, and that is the aim when you buy a negative ion generator right?

You are dead right.

It is also quite energy efficient as it runs at 1.5 watts and has a built-in dual voltage power supply which makes it easier if you take it with you when you go away, as you can plug it into a 110V or 220V supply.

It is well made with a sturdy power cord and has a nice traveling pouch and it is filterless so that is one less hassle to worry about.

On top of all that it is low ozone producing and has no UV-C filter.

Be warned:

The fan on this is small but strong and it does generate a fair bit of noise, especially after you have been using it for a while.

Also it emits a bright blue light that you cannot turn off – it is quite intense and if you have trouble sleeping with any kind of light that will be a problem for you.

In essence:

This is a powerful negative ion generator! You can’t argue with the statistics and it will definitely leave you with better air quality.



  • Very powerful
  • Energy efficient
  • Dual voltage power
  • Well made
  • Easy to maintain


  • Is quite noisy
  • Blue light is quite bright
Check availability on Amazon

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#5 pureAir 50

Those looking for a travel air purifier and negative ion generator.

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWxH): 4.25 x 3.50 x
  • Weight (lbs): 0.4
  • Power: 100V-240V; 50-60 Hz
  • Max Room Size (sq/ft): 325
  • One Year Warranty
Pure Air 50

The pureAir 50 is a plug in air-purifier and negative ion generator that uses ionization and ozone to purify air in small spaces.

First off:

This is small and great for travel. As it is reasonably priced as well you could afford to buy more than one and have them running in multiple rooms. 

You just plug it in and turn the dial on the front and set your desired level of purification, and that is it!

It couldn’t be much easier!

The negative ion output is 2 million negative ions per cubic centimeter and it purifies an area of up to 325 square feet.

Naturally it takes up barely any space, has no filters and is pretty much silent.

And that really is it!

You will notice that if you have the dial turned fully the ‘ozone’ smell is quite strong and even overpowering, so you won’t want it on full volume for too long. 

Also this is pretty basic – there is no timer, etc, etc. You just plug it in and go.

In short:

Perfect for travel, or multi-room operation and a very good price this small air purifier and negative ion generator is surprisingly powerful!




  • Great for travel
  • Simple to use
  • Really well priced
  • Surprisingly powerful
  • Takes up no space


  • Ozone smell is strong on full power
  • Basic functionality
Check availability on Amazon

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#6 AirTamer A310

Those wanting the best wearable negative ion generator

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWxH): 1.65 x 0.75 x 3.5
    Weight (lbs): 0.11
  • 2 millions neg ions/per sec
  • One Year Warranty
  • PRICE GUIDE: $$$

AirTamer 310

In terms of portable air purifiers and negative ion generators the AirTamer A310 is probably the best around.

So take a closer look…

It weighs just 0.11 lbs and measures 1.65 x 0.75 by 3.5 inches and has a nice, conductive, adjustable lanyard. To give you an idea of size it is smaller than most mp3 players.

Here is the dealbreaker…

The AirTamer gives out 2 million negative ions per cubic centimeter every second and apparently this is the highest cleaning power of any personal air purifier in the world. Not only slightly, but by a factor of 9.

It also gives out only a very small amount of ozone – 4.4 parts per billion.

Best of all:

The rechargeable battery is great – you get around 5 days use from one full charge. Also there are no filters as the AirTamer uses electrostatic purifications – that is healthy negative ions do the filtering.

It is completely silent and comes with a metal travel case as well as the lanyard and USB cable to charge it. When it is switched on the green light gently blinks to indicate it is cleaning the air.

A word of warning:

The cord is slightly itchy – especially if you wear it for a long period of time. Also the previous version of this device, the AirTamer A302, had a clip attached to the cord so you could clip it to your shirt/top to stop getting caught. This does not and that is a shame.

Let’s recap:

Far and away the most powerful air purifier and negative ion generator on the market – it has a great negative ion output and definitely does what it says on the tin!

Slightly pricey, but built to last and enormously effective.



  • Well made
  • Generates lots of negative ions
  • Amazing rechargeable battery
  • Silent
  • Wearable


  • Cord can be itchy
  • Shame there is no clip
Check availability on Amazon

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#7 OION Technologies B-1000

Those wanting something easy to clean.

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWxH): 17 x 6 x 7
  • Weight (lbs): 3.8
  • Watt consumption: 7.5
  • One Year Warranty

OION Technologies Air Purifier

The OION Technologies B-1000 is one of the most popular air purifiers and negative ion generators on the market and it is easy to see why.

Here’s the deal:

This is well designed, easy to clean and has a very low energy use, oh and it works well.

It’s long tubular design is different from other purifiers and negative ion generators. The air enters from the bottom, passes through the body where it is cleaned through a carbon filter and then goes over a UV light.

The fan is at the top of the unit, and in contrast to other ionizers the design means it is receiving clean air, not dirty air.

Unusually this doesn’t have a HEPA filter, but it remains clog-free and wipes clean quickly and easily.

And you know what?

This puts out around 600 milliamps at 12 volts – so it consumes around 7.5 watts – most definitely very low energy consumption!

The negative ion generator removes airborne pollutants as small as .01 micron and helps the air feel fresh. The amount of Ozone produced is minimal – less that 0.05ppm, so meets the UL and ETL certification requirements.

On top of all that:

It has an internal UV light that kills germs and mold and it is very quiet and small and compact enough to fit pretty much anywhere.

But it is worth noting:

The plug seems a bit cheap and this could do with a little more power for it to be effective in larger areas. It has two settings and even the high setting could be better.

To cut a long story short:

With a solid design, low energy usage and a decent air purifier and negative ion generator all at a reasonable price there really isn’t much to complain about with the OION B-1000



  • Well designed
  • Easy to clean
  • Low energy use
  • Small footprint
  • Quiet


  • Plug seems cheap
  • Could be more powerful
Check availability on Amazon

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#8 Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus

Those who want a SAD lamp and negative ion generator

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWxH): 13 H x 9 W x 6 D inches
  • Weight (lbs): 4.15lbs
  • Light intensity: 10,000 lux
  • Color temperature: 17,000
Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus

It was the Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus that turned me onto the benefits of negative ions and as such it definitely deserves a place on this list.

Let me explain…

This is a SAD Light, that emits 10,000 lux at 9 to 18 inches, with a negative ion generator. You can turn the negative ion generator off independently of the light. This also has a timer you can set to 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

The beauty of this is:

The price! It is actually very well priced indeed and it gives you an opportunity to try out light therapy and an ioniser – both of which have been shown to benefit people suffering from SAD – without breaking the bank or buying separate devices.

The light therapy itself is quite nice – the light, which has a 17,000 Kelvin temperature, mimics a blue sky and is very pleasant..

What is more:

It is sturdy and well designed and the timer function is simple, but an effective way of making sure you get the right dose of light therapy.

The ioniser is a nice extra and one of my friends said of it, when they tested it out, that with the light and ion generator on “it feels a bit like you are on a beach”!

On the downside:

Replacement bulbs are expensive – the bulbs used in this are recommended to last two to three years and such is the cost of them, you might as well just buy a new version of this light rather than new bulbs.

Also this isn’t a dedicated negative ion generator, and it is slightly less powerful than those that are.


For the price and the ability to combine two treatments, light therapy and negative ions, proven to tackle SAD you can’t go too far wrong with this.




  • Bargain price
  • SAD light and negative ion generator
  • Nice light
  • Sturdy
  • Timer function


  • Expensive to replace bulbs
  • Negative ion generator is slightly weaker
Check availability on Amazon

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#9 Hikins Wearable Air Purifier

Those wanting something ultra portable for small areas.

Product Spec

  • Size in inches (LxWxH): 3 x 1.8 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight (lbs): 4.8 ounces
  • Output: 3 to 5 million ions per cm3
  • One year warranty

Hikins Air Purifier

The cheapest negative ion generator on the list the HiKiNs Wearable Personal Air Purifier is great if you are on a budget and for clearing the air in a limited space.

Let’s dive in:

Without being too harsh this is a fairly basic air purifier and negative ion generator, and this is reflected in the price. 

You wear it around your neck on a cord and everything is operated via one switch, which you use to cycle between turning it on, switching from low to high power mode and turning it off.

So I know what you are thinking?

What area does this portable purifier cover? Well in essence it is around two feet to three feet at the most.

It has a rechargeable battery that is charged by USB. It takes around two hours to get a full charge (the red charging light turns to blue) and it operates for up to 48 hours on a single charge.


This is incredibly simple to use. If you have it on the high power mode it will remain in this mode for three minutes the switch to lower power mode.

The negative ion output is around 3 to 5 million negative ions per cm3.

If we are being picky:

You have to remember this only operates in a very limited area as it is so small. It really only is for personal use in small rooms.

Also the light this gives off is quite bright and might be enough to stop you sleeping, or certainly feel self conscious if you are wearing it in public!

In a nutshell:

It is small, quiet and really light. It is easy to operate and holds a charge well. It might not change your life, but if you want something cheap that will do a good job in a small area then you won’t be disappointed by this.



  • Budget price
  • Very simple
  • Good rechargeable battery
  • Ultra portable
  • Almost silent


  • Only for very small areas
  • Light is bright
Check availability on Amazon

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I hope you have found this rundown of the best negative ion generators of 2024 of use and there is something on this list to suit your needs. I also have a post on the benefits of negative ions if you want to find out more.

If you do have any questions or are uncertain about anything then please just drop me an email and I will do my best to help.

If you are considering getting a SAD Lamp check out my round up of the Best SAD Lights of the year as well, or look at my Site Index for everything on my site on one page.

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