Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy and Wake-Up Light Review: Can a Wake-Light and SAD Light Combined Really Work?


In Short

Product Name: Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy and Wake-Up Light
Latest Review Date: 25 August 2019
Price Guideline: $$$

The Nature Bright Sun Bliss is a Sunrise Alarm Clock and a SAD Light rolled into one! The Sunrise feature is not perfect, but it is at a very reasonable price for a dual priced unit and ultra-compact as well.


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  • 10,000 LUX of illumination – 10,000 lux is the recommended light intensity level to treat SAD effectively
  • High performance LED and advanced optical lenses
  • Ten light intensities
  • 3-position adjustable stand – Adapts to your personal preferences.
  • Can be used as a Wake-Up Light and SAD Light
  • Lightweight and small size for easy portability
  • Back up audible alarm
  • Universal adaptor for use while traveling
  • Timer
  • UV free

Product Information

  • Model Number: E7070
  • Light Output: 10000 Lux
  • Dimensions: 4.82 x 4.72 x 1.25 inches
  • Weight: 2 LBs
  • Universal Adapter: Input – 100 – 240 V 60/50Hz
  • Bulb: LED lamps

In The Box

  • Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy and Wake-Up Light
  • Universal Adapter
  • User’s Manual

So How Does the Nature Bright Sun Bliss Work?

The Nature Bright Sun Bliss is one of few devices that offers both a Wake-Up Light functionality and a totally separate SAD light functionality.

When using it as a Wake Up Light you set the alarm time and it will start to light up 30 minutes before the alarm you set and then gradually build to the full 10,000 LUX illumination.

It will then stay on at full intensity for an hour. An audible alarm, which sounds like a bird chirping, will then come on and this can be snoozed for ten minutes at a time.

To use it as a SAD Light simply position it as you wish – there is a three-position adjustable stand you can use – and set the timer to the duration you want the light to remain on for.

Position it so the light is hitting your eyes but is not in your direct line of vision and that is it. The light will turn off after the allotted duration has passed.

Position it within 15 inches of you to feel the full effect of the 10,000 lux light intensity.

The Good

So the most obvious benefit of this little device is the fact it doubles up as a Sunrise Alarm Clock and a SAD Light – one of the few units on the market that does this.

It will gradually increase in brightness over a period of 30 minutes before it reaches 10,000 Lux light intensity at the alarm time you have set.

What is more it will then stay on after the alarm time for an hour, so that means you can literally go straight into a session of light therapy first thing in the morning when it is most effective, leaving you fit and ready to face the day.

For a unit that has these dual capabilities it is actually very inexpensively priced. You might even raise an eyebrow that you can get a Sunrise Alarm Clock and SAD Light combined for the price that just one of these devices would usually cost, but don’t be concerned – this is a good product and at a very good price.

The Nature Bright Sun Bliss is also very small and lightweight – it measures 4.82 x 4.72 x 1.25 inches and weighs just under 2 lbs. It is tiny – the size of a small alarm clock, making it very convenient as it can fit just about anywhere and is very portable indeed.

Another nice little touch is the fact that this will remember your settings even after being unplugged so there is no re-setting the clock every time you move it.

The light itself is bright but good. It is an LED light that is a clear, pretty white. The Nature Bright Sun Bliss has a diffuser shield on the lamp to make the light more comfortable and extra safe for the eyes. There are also ten light intensities that you can adjust it to if you find the higher settings too bright.

Nature Bright’s LED lights are well made and don’t produce any EMFs (Electromagnetic fields that can cause symptoms of illness in infants, children and adults).

The Bad

One of the main issues with the Nature Bright Sun Bliss and something that is almost universally agreed on is the fact that it is not intuitive to use at all.

The menu buttons are complicated and not labelled in a way that explains their use. You really do have to study how to set up the time and alarm and so on.

The Sunrise Alarm Clock feature of the device is not the greatest either. Whereas purpose built Sunrise Alarm Clocks come on slowly and gradually go from completely dark through to light, simulating the rise of the sun, this works different.

It literally just comes on at the lowest intensity setting – which is already fairly bright and then increases in intensity. It goes from being off to suddenly on and could quite easily jolt you out of sleep.

The lights themselves are pure white lights and not as warm and authentic as the lights say the Philips HF3520 Wake Up Light uses to simulate the sunrise. They work fine for a SAD light but not so well for a dawn simulator.

On the subject of the light, the small and portable size of the Sun Bliss does cause a few issues. The actual part that emits light is only around three inches square and this makes it very difficult to angle the lamp so the light hits your eyes appropriately during a session of light therapy.

There are three different positions available on the adjustable stand, but setting it at the correct angle can be an exercise in extreme frustration. The light area is much smaller than many other SAD lights so the light is not spread out as much and may as a result feel harsher on your eyes.

It would benefit from having a battery power option also. It is great that it is so small and portable and therefore easy to travel with, but it does rely on there being a power outlet wherever you are taking it.

Now of course this will nearly always be the case but it would still be handy to have the option to use it without plugging it in.

A minor quibble is that it just has one alarm. It would be nice to have two alarms – one for weekdays and one for weekends, but we can’t complain about that too much as many SAD lights don’t have an alarm at all.

The Beautiful

The back stand is a bit flimsy, as is the plastic display panel and the switches feel a tad on the cheap side, but overall the design and build quality are ok for the price. It is so small and unobtrusive it is barely noticeable unless it is on…

And Does It Work?

As with all SAD Lights this will improve the mood of most users. One Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferer whose previous light box broke, resulting in some time without light therapy, admit she was doing so much better this year thanks to regularly using the Nature Bright Sun Bliss.

Other users called it amazing and reported a variety of benefits including being happier, more productive and energised.

Most of the benefits come from the SAD Light function but several users have said using the Wake Up Light function has helped them wake up feeling more refreshed, in a better mood and ready to tackle the day ahead.

s showing that light therapy is effective in up to 85% of diagnosed cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is backed up by study after study that show light therapy makes a difference to those suffering with SAD:

In short – the chances are it will make a difference for you!



  • Sunrise Alarm Clock and SAD Light all rolled into one!
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Remembers settings even if unplugged
  • Clear crisp and safe LED light
  • Not intuitive to use
  • Sunrise Alarm function not as good as a dedicated Sunrise Alarm Clock
  • Light not great for replicating sunrise
  • Small light area makes it difficult to get light at right angle for light therapy
  • No battery power function
  • Only one alarm


My Verdict

My Rating - 80%


Dual function doesn't quite work

The ultimate in portability, the Nature Bright Sun Bliss on the face of it is a great device – a Sunrise Alarm Clock and SAD Light rolled into one, but it is not without its downsides.

The Sunrise Alarm Clock feature is not as good as a standalone Sunrise Alarm Clock – so if you can afford it you are better off getting a specialised Sunrise Alarm Clock and the area that emits light is very small, meaning it can be frustrating and difficult to get the Sun Bliss set up so it hits your eyes adequately.

But it is small and compact and very reasonably priced. It gives out the full 10,000 Lux and is easy to travel with and if you don’t mind the sunrise feature not being perfect then it is a worthy investment.

User Rating: 3.85 ( 1 votes)

Other Options

If you are looking for a budget SAD Light that is portable Nature Bright’s other offering – the SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp is worth looking at as is the Circadian Optics Lumos. For a conventional Wake-Up Light I like the Philips HF3520.

If money isn’t an option then two of my favourite SAD Lights are both made by Carex Health Brands. The Carex Day-Light Classic is great as it provides light from above (the best way to receive light therapy) and has a huge field of light.

The Carex Day-Light Sky takes things one step further – it has the same huge field of light and provides light from above, but is amazingly adjustable and has a fantastic build quality – if you can afford it then this is the best lamp to get.

Another great option is the Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10k. This is reasonably priced and another top of the line SAD Light – with a lovely tone of light and a flexible design that can also be wall mounted.

Or just check out any of the Circadian Optics models – they are all brilliant!

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of this product, or if you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

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