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If you are a cautious consumer and like to make informed decisions, then you are probably going to find yourself browsing the web for helpful information and unbiased, honest reviews.

While the information you are seeking is a mere Google search and a few clicks away, the question will remain of how you are you going to be able to distinguish the honest reviews from the less honest ones?

If a reviewer is shying away from stating anything negative, then be forewarned that he/she could potentially be benefiting from giving a positive review. While it can be tough to tella genuine review from the faux marketing dribble that is trying to make a sale, it is not impossible.

Here at shinealightonsad.com you’ll find reviews that are open and truthful. We pride ourselves on honest reviews that not only spotlight the good features, but also point out the short-comings, because let’s be honest, no matter how much you like a SAD Light or Wake-Up Light, etc, you can always find something about it that needs improvement.

Our aim for this website is to provide a one stop shop for all your SAD needs. SAD Lights, Wake-Up Alarm Clocks, diet, exercise, as much as we can.

Our Reviews

Our products are bought, or sometimes given to us, to test and impart first hand knowledge.

At the end of the day, we just want to provide you with an honest review of these products. We do not fluff our findings and we do not stretch the truth. All of our findings are based on a few simple tests and a lot of research.

Why Should We Be Trusted?

When we test these products, we try and put ourselves into the shoes of those who may want to buy it. All of us who make up the Shine A Light On SAD Review Team suffer from SAD to varying degrees and we know how debilitating it can be.

We try and consider all aspects of a product when it is reviewed, from price to convenience, but of course the most important factor of all is its effectiveness.

Even though we receive most of our products for free in exchange for a review, it does not affect our judgment. We believe that whether we purchase a product on our own to test (which we do quite often) or if we receive one at no cost to us, our perception of the tests and reviews will never change.

A huge bonus for us is that when someone is generous enough to take our review into consideration and buy the product through our link, we get a small kickback. That kickback helps us purchase even more products to test which in turn, provides you with even more honest reviews.

How Do We Choose What We Recommend?

Step One
Usually, we research highly rated SAD products or the new SAD products on the market. We will go through user reviews, company reviews, Amazon reviews, dig into forums and any other reviews we can find and we will then decide if it is something we want to take a closer look at. If it is decided, we will then contact the company and they will send us the product to test. Or in some cases we’ll just purchase the product ourselves.

Step Two
We use the products for two weeks before passing judgement (we’re working on some long term tests as well). Once we’ve done our due diligence, we will then decide if the product can be recommended or not.

Step Three
Our studies need to be consistent so we use the same methods for all of our testings, depending on the reviewer, to get as accurate results as possible if they apply to the product.

Step Four
We write up our findings into an easy to understand and honest review!

Our Team

Steve Mann

Steve first noticed he might be suffering from SAD in Autumn 2011. After 18 months travelling the world, and more importantly following the sun around South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji (where he is pictured soaking up the sun to the right!), he returned to England in March 2011.

After day after day of constant sunshine and temperatures frequently around the 25C to 35C mark he was suddenly back into the grey skies and cloud of England! In the Autumn as the clocks went back and the Winter began to approach Steve realised he might be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Steve lives in Kent, about 40 minutes on a train south of London. In his spare time he enjoys running, playing football and take in slightly offbeat movies. He loves to travel whenever he can to escape the dreary English winter! His day job, working as a writer and editor, means he is lucky enough to get SAD products to test for free quite often!

Steve’s Picks

SAD Light
Carex Health Brands Day-Light Sky

Wake Up Light
Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light

In His Own Words

“At first I had put it down to the reality of life hitting me – I’d come down from the freedom of travelling and going where I wanted when I wanted. Now I was back to the daily grind of life. But I soon realised it wasn’t that. It was purely the lack of sunlight – apart from heading out on my lunch break, it was dark when I went to work and dark when I got home so I was barely seeing any sunlight.

So I looked at how I could combat it. First of all I dealt with things I could easily do. I made sure that every lunchtime I got outside and into the daylight. I started going out for runs again, even if it was in the evenings when it was dark. I made sure I get a healthy diet and slept sensibly.

All of this helped, but it was only when I bought myself a SAD lightbox that I really noticed a difference. After that I also added a Wake Up Light Alarm Clock as well. Since then I’ve added a couple of lightboxes to my collection and as soon as summer ends I start to use them.”

Kelly Patmore

Kelly lives in central England with her husband and two children. Having previously lived on the West Coast of America she moved to England with her husband for his job and immediately felt the effects of the change of climate and lack of sun!

When she isn’t reviewing SAD Lights for Shine A Light On SAD she can often be found in the gym keeping fit or at home looking after her two young children.

If she is lucky enough to have any other spare time she loves to bake and makes a mean chocolate chip cookie!

Kelly’s Picks

SAD Light
Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus

Wake Up Light
Philips HF3470 Wake Up Light

In Her Own Words

“When we moved from the sunny West Coast of America to England it was the biggest shock ever – especially as we arrived just as the English winter was setting in! It wasn’t necessarily the cold I had trouble getting used to, it was the grey and lack of sunshine!

I spent the whole of the first winter barely able to get out of bed – I really didn’t know what had happened to me. It was a struggle just to look after my children during the day. It was then I started to do a bit of research and realised I was probably suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

By the start of the Autumn the following year I had bought myself a SAD light and it made the world of difference.”

Laura Brown

Laura hails from Edmonton in Canada and knows a fair bit about dark winter months! She has suffered from SAD since she was a teen and has come to rely on her SAD Lights to help her fend off the winter blues.

A strong advocate of combining light therapy with natural methods to improve health, Laura loves hiking and camping in the beautiful Canadian wilderness when she can, or just relaxing at home with her two cats and a glass (or two) or wine!

She is also learning the guitar at the moment.

Laura’s Picks

SAD Light
Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10,000 Lux

Wake Up Light
Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light

In Her Own Words

“Canada is beautiful and I am lucky to live here, but I don’t like the cold, dark winter months – once we reach mid October I can almost feel the fear creeping in!

Thankfully I educated myself fairly early on how I can limit the impact SAD has on my life and now I have quite a collection of SAD Lights and Wake-Up Alarm Clocks.

They are a godsend for me and make winter bearable, then once I get through to March I can enjoy Canada in all its glory again and relax for a few months!”

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