What Is The Best Running Shoe For Men?

So what is the best running shoe for men? I think I am fairly qualified to answer that as I run. A lot. I don’t necessarily get home and think ‘Oh I can’t wait to go for a run’ (especially not in England in the Winter when it is cold, wet and dark!), instead I focus on how much better I will feel when I get home after my run.

For me it is an imperative part of keeping Seasonal Affective Disorder at bay during the winter months. It is a fact that when you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling the body.

My running obsession reached a peak in 2014 when I completed my first ultramarathon (see photos below!) – running 52.4miles without a break. Now I am not saying you have to do that, but if you can get yourself out for regular runs you will feel the benefits of them.

What Is The Best Running Shoe For Men? Me after running 52.4miles
Completing my first ever ultramarathon – all 52.4miles of it!

Find Out How You Run

If you are new to running one of the first things you want to do is get a gait analysis done. A gait analysis is basically a way of assessing how you run and walk. Any reputable store will be able to do this for free for you and it should only take 15 minutes.

It basically involves you being filmed whilst you walk and run on a treadmill. The film will be then be assessed and your running style will be determined to help you select a running shoe that best suits you.

Essentially you will have one of three types of running styles:

This accounts for around 70% of the population. What happens is when the foot is planted it rolls inwards, so weight is transferred to the inner edge instead of the ball of the foot. This can lead to shin splints, plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel spurs.

Essentially the opposite of overpronation as the outer side of the foot hits the ground at a steeper than normal angle with little or no movement inwards. This causes a jarring effect and a transmission of shock through the lower leg. This can lead to plantar fasciitis, shin splints and ankle strain

The foot lands on the outer edge and then, in a controlled manner, rolls inwards. The weight is distributed evenly and this helps absorb shock. Injuries are less likely for neutral runners. I am lucky enough to be a neutral runner.

The idea behind a gait analysis is you will end up with a running shoe that counters your type of pronation and leaves you less likely to get injured.

A good running shop will not pressure you into buying a running shoe straight away and also will not try and sell you the most expensive shoe. So…

The video below goes into more detail about pronation:

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What Is The Best Running Shoe For Men?

What is the best running shoe if you are an overpronator?

Running, or walking, if you overpronate requires extra support in your shoe. The best running shoes for overpronators will stop you rolling your ankle inwards and support and stabilise your stride pattern. My top three picks are:

1) ASICS GT-2000 3

Asics GT 2000 series is their most popular running shoe, and the bestselling in the industry, and for good reason. The GT-2000 3 is a lightweight running shoe, with good cushioning under the forefoot that is perfect for the mild to moderate overpronator. The GT-2000 3 has lower arch support, the heel has been dropped in comparison to previous iterations of this series and the sole has also be stiffened


  • Great cushioning
  • Provides plenty of stability and minimizes roll
  • Very competitive price
  • Not too flashy
  • Ultra comfortable


  • Might not suit you if you have wider feet

The GT-2000 3 is a great shoe if your overpronation is not too severe. They feel nice and cushioned and are very lightweight yet still provide plenty of stability and minimize roll. The arch support has been improved and they should last longer on the sole than other similar shoes. The stiffened sole might initially be uncomfortable but it forces you to alter your stride to be more bio-mechanically correct and reduce the risk of injury, so benefits you in the long run (pun intended!).

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the GT-2000 3, on Amazon.

2) ASICS Gel-Kayano 21

The Gel Kayano line is, along with the GT-2000 series mentioned above, the most popular all-round ASICS shoe but overpronators. But whereas the GT2000 are suited more for mild to moderate pronators this shoe will suit even those with more severe overpronation. The Gel-Kayano 21 is the lightest ever and has a fluid fit style, with creates a glove like fit.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Great arch support so perfect for runners with flat feet
  • Very durable
  • Ultra light
  • Fantastic fit


  • Slightly narrower in the toe box

The Gel-Kayano 21 is the Rolls Royce of running shoes for overpronators – due to the ASICS fluid fit style they are incredibly comfortable and have a much softer top. They are great if you have flat feet as the arch in the shoe is not over pronounced and the gel on the outside heel works like a shock absorber when you are running and landing on the outside of your feet and rolling in. They have a high heel-toe drop, are light, durable and all round a top quality running shoe.

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the Gel-Kayano 21, on Amazon.

3) Nike LunarGlide 7

The LunarGlide 7 comes from the LunarGlide line of shoes that has earnt much respect in running circles. The upper of the shoe has been significantly overhauled from previous versions and the synthetic overlays replaced with a more engineered mesh and Flyknit material for a very breathable finish and customized fit. Extra support has been provided thanks to a dual density sole – remodelled from the already popular LunarGlide 6.


  • Great stabilizing shoe, absorp the foot to ground impact, but also support fallen arches
  • Lots of heel cushioning for heel strikers
  • Upper unit is breathable and encourages air flow for a more comfortable run
  • Good tongue cushion so comfortable around the upper foot
  • Very comfortable and very lightweight


  • Slight lack of traction on very wet surfaces

The LunarGlide 7 is a great shoe for overpronators as it offers a mix of stability and cushioning and a comfortable and lightweight fit. If you need a supportive running shoe this well help prevent shin splints and knee pain and the mesh design means they will feel better on your feet, leaving you with minimal aches and pains. They strike the perfect balance between being breathable and light but offering good support.

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the LunarGlide 7, on Amazon.

What is the best running shoe if you are an underpronator?

As underpronators tend to turn their feet outside as they run, this means all of their weight goes on the exterior of the foot rather than the arch. A properly cushioned shoe can help counteract this. My top three picks are:

1) Brooks Ghost 9

The Brooks Ghost series has a great reputation among running aficionados winning numerous awards over the years and this was named best buy in the Runner’s World 2016 Fall Shoe Guide. This has midsole cushioning using their signature BioMoGo DNA foam and this actually adapts to your stride and reduces pressure on the soles of your feet. They are very breathable and hug your feet for a comfortable fit.


  • Great support for high arches and relieves underpronation
  • Excellent price for the quality of shoe
  • Amazing fit – almost as if you are running without shoes on!
  • Lovely combination of cushion, support and performance
  • Heel to toe hit has been slightly increased to relieve pressure and absorb shock on every stride


  • May chafe your toes slightly (this can be remedied with talcum powder or better running socks)

The Ghost 9 is a hugely versatile shoe that is great for long runs, tempo runs or even speed training. If you are an underpronator and are having problems with your ankles or knees there is a good chance this will remedy those problems. They provide just the right amount of support and are amazingly comfortable and all at a great price!

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the Brooks Ghost 9, on Amazon.

2) Brooks Glycerin 13

The Glycerin range has long been a favourite of underpronators. They are well padded, stable are a great fit and made to the highest quality with a rounded heel and mesh design for breathability.


  • Minimal arch support will help correct IT band and hip issues
  • Super BioMoGo DNA midsole balances stance and stabilizes gait
  • New seamless upper design makes for a comfortable fit that adapts to your foot
  • Ultra cushioned so excellent shock absorption and very comfortable
  • Durable and fantastic quality


  • At the upper end of the price spectrum (but worth it)

The Brooks Glycerin 13 might be the best running shoe for underpronators from the Brooks range – even better that the Ghost (mentioned above). They are really comfortable, have great cushioning underfoot and will improve and correct poor gait. It is also very soft underfoot, so is the ideal shoe for an underpronator. A slightly higher price range, but worth it for the quality and performance levels.

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the Brooks Glycerin 13, on Amazon.

3) Saucony Cohesion 9

The Saucony Cohesion line are well known for being reliable running shoes at a lower end price. The Cohesion 9 has built upon it’s predecessor with a more highly breathable mesh, a more lightweight rubber outsole and a grip system on the heel that adds cushioning and reduces impact.


  • High quality shoe at a very reasonable price
  • Perfect balance of comfort and supportive
  • Excellent fit and cushioning
  • Great side stability and supportive footbed
  • 12mm heel to toe drop takes the strain off of the calf


  • Lateral support is slightly lacking

You may look at the price of the Saucony Cohesion 9 and think they can’t perform to the same standard of other, higher priced, running shoes, but they do. They provide comfortable support and are perfect for any type of running – road races, trail races or running on the treadmill. With a supportive footbed and the right amount of cushioning around the ankle and heel they are great at stabilizing your running style and reducing injuries.

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the Saucony Cohesion 9, on Amazon.

What is the best running shoe if you are a neutral runner?

Only around 25% of runners are neutral pronators, ideal running shoes for neutral pronators should not be too heavy and if they are too minimalist they may lack the sufficient cushioning needed to absorb a level foot strike. Here are my top three picks:

1) Asics Gel Nimbus 18

The Nimbus 18 is designed for long distance running, but really performs well at any level. They have a huge amount of cushioning and have gel in the rearfoot to make for a softer landing. Asics have changed the toe box material so it is no lighter in the entire toe area not just the tops of the toes.


  • These are great shoes if you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis – as the arch support and cushioning should help ease it.
  • The upper design is spot on and adapts to your feet, keeping them cool and dry even on hot days
  • Amazingly cushioned and feel great to wear right from the offering
  • The Gel Cushioning reduces shock on landing and is especially good for heel strikers.
  • Encourages a more efficient running style


  • On the heavier side compared to other running shoes

If you are a neutral runner and a heel striker – the Nimbus 18 are probably about the best running shoe you can get. Overall you can tell Asics have put a lot of time and thought into designing these – they are quality trainers, with great cushioning and they will help iron out any inefficiencies in your running style and reduce injuries.

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the Nimbus 18, on Amazon.

2) Nike AirZoom Pegasus 34

The Nike Pegasus is the longest continuing running shoe series in the world and with each version Nike seem to make improvements. The appeal of the Pegasus is they can suit almost everyone – they are well priced, cushioned without being overly so, fit well without feeling like your feet are trapped in them and durable. The Pegasus line stays true to the idea that there should be an affordable running shoe that lasts well and is comfortable.


  • Flexible material allows room in front of the shoe
  • A durable sole without being too heavy that will last for miles and miles
  • Good on the trail, the road or the treadmill
  • The airbag provides a cushioned pad to land on
  • Great design with reflective material around the back of the heel


  • If you are looking for cutting edge trainers these are not them.

If you want reliable, well made and comfortable running shoes without the bells and whistles some of the more expensive shoes have then you can’t go wrong with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34. They are perfect for experienced runners and beginners, with a good dose of cushioning and a secure fit.

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the Pegasus 34, on Amazon.

3) Mizuno Wave Rider 19

The Mizuno Wave Rider is another long running series of shoe. The Wave Rider 18s were good, and these retain the same outsole pattern, the same midsole foam design and construction and the same upper. However the area under the insole has been rejuvenated, with 2mm of foam added to help with shock absorption.


  • Great midfoot support
  • Top of the insole is very comfortable – so great for sensitive feet
  • Top notch arch supportive
  • Comfy roomy toebox
  • Durable and well made.


  • Encourages heel striking

The Wave Rider 19 is an all round quality shoe that performs very well in all areas without excelling in one area in particular. If you do a lot of running and want something comfortable, durable and reliable then this will be for you. It provides stability and a great running experience.

Generally you will find the best price, and also be able to read the masses of positive feedback for the Wave Rider 19, on Amazon.

Exercise really can make a huge difference in the winter if you are suffering from SAD and I’d urge you to give it a go. Even if you only go out for a five minute run when you get home it is better than nothing and will make you feel better. So get yourself a decent pair of running shoes and go for it you won’t regret it.SaveSave


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