Lumie BodyClock Active 250 Review: Is This Worth the Price Tag?


In Short

Product Name: Lumie BodyClock Active 250, Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock with FM Radio
Latest Review Date: 24 August 2019
Price Guideline: $$$

There is a lot to like about the Lumie BodyClock Active, it is just a shame it is so pricey.


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  • Simulates a natural and gradual sunrise to wake you up gently
  • Sunset option to help you fall asleep and for use as dimmable bedside lamp
  • Optional back-up beeper
  • Six different sound effects to use including digital FM radio
  • Fully dimmable LCD display
  • Sunrise and sunset duration can be set from 15 to 90 minutes
  • Volume fade option with sunset
  • Security mode to turn the light on randomly whilst you are away
  • Back-up power mode
  • Nine minute snooze option

Product Information

  • Number of alarm sounds: 6
  • Bulb(s): 42 W SES halogen
  • Size (H x W x D): 18 x 22 x 13 cm
  • Class I medical device
  • Weight: 1.00 kg
  • 230 Vac, 50 Hz, 50 W

In The Box

  • Lumie BodyClock Active 250
  • Instruction manual
  • One year warranty

So How Does the Lumie Bodyclock Active Work?

The Lumie BodyClock Active 250 is a dawn simulator alarm clock that wakes you with a sunrise that gradually brightens over a preset period of 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

You can set one of six noises to sound when the light reaches maximum brightness. These sounds are: morning chorus birds, rooster, waves, alarm beep, white noise and FM radio and they will gradually increase in sound.

If you don’t want to get up there is a nine minute snooze function you can operate.

At the opposite end of the day you can also use a sunset feature to help you naturally unwind and fall to sleep. You can again set the duration you want the light to dim over to a period of 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. You can also play any of the noises to lull you to sleep as well.

Lumie BodyClock Active

When the alarm is on the time display will turn off completely and the Lumie BodyClock Active 250 also has a security option that turns the light on whilst you are away. Note this model works only on 24 hour military time.

The unit has a power failure back up that saves all your settings if you lose power and there is also the option to have the light coming on only with no sound.

Thirty minutes after the set alarm time the light and sound will automatically turn off.

The Good

The Lumie BodyClock has a very smooth change in light, that makes the sunrise and sunset functions appear very natural and effective.

There are no sudden changes in light intensity – it starts off at a soft orange color and progresses to an intense white light by which point you will probably wake up.

Combine the lovely sunrise with the variety of noises you can set to sound gradually when the light has come on means waking up to the Lumie BodyClock is a very gentle way to be roused – a much nicer experience than a traditional alarm clock.

Lady awake next to Lumie

There are a huge amount of customizable settings on the BodyClock Active 250 that will help you get the most out of this wake up light.

You can wake with just the light, light and sound, light and radio, you can set the sunrise to 15 minutes so it rises quickly or slowly at 90 minutes and you can do the same with the sunset.

The wake up volume can be adjusted and there are an array of natural sounds – all of which are a huge plus.

Something I particularly love is that the when you set the alarm the clock display turns off. If, like me, you are sensitive to any ambient light this is great as it means you won’t be bothered by the time display.

If you do wake up in the middle of the night and want to check the time you just tap one button and it lights up the clock face for a few moments.

This is an advantage over lots of the Philips Wake Up Lights on which you can’t turn the time display off completely.

Another advantage the BodyClock Active 250 has over the Philips Wake Up Lights is that it has a battery backup. So if you suffer a power outage your settings will be saved and the alarm will still sound.

Talking of saving settings – once you have set your alarm all of the settings will be saved, ie noises, dim times, time you want full brightness, etc. Then the next night it is just a case of pressing one button and the alarm is back on again.

The Bad

The main problem with this Lumie device is that the controls are not intuitive – even with the instructions it can be difficult to get it set up, for instance there are a lot of buttons to push to get the alarm settings configured.

The controls are small and have no word markings either, so if your eye sight is poor you will struggle. It isn’t the easy device to operate.

A lot of users have also reported problems with the bulbs burning out, in some cases within a few weeks of receiving it, or the unit just stopping working for no apparent reason.

On the plus side Lumie are renowned for having good customer and this does have a one year warranty.

Lady asleep next to Lumie

Like many wake up lights, this does get hot as it uses an incandescent bulb. Just remember this if you have young children around or are thinking about placing it next to something potentially flammable!

It might not be a big issue for you, and will certainly not be the reason you buy it, but the quality of the speakers is not great. Really it is fine for a radio alarm, but if you plan on listening to the radio on the Lumie for a long period of time the tinny quality of the speakers will not be appealing.

This BodyClock Active operates only on military time, so if you aren’t used to that bear it in mind, you cannot switch it from 24 hour time to AM/PM.

Also you must remember to turn the alarm on each night – although this isn’t a big deal and setting the alarm dims the time, so you can tell at a glance if you have set the alarm.

The main issue though is the price – it is quite expensive for what it is, and this loses it a few marks as there are a number of other wake up lights that offer the same or more functionality for a lower price.

The Beautiful

Aesthetically this is not as visually appealing as the Philips Wake Up Lights. It is more bulky and the plastic housing makes it appear cheaper than the Philips models.

And Does It Work?

It definitely does, users report feeling more energized, less groggy and significantly more refreshed and alert in the mornings.

One said it had changed their life and another, who admitted to being the complete opposite of a morning person, said it made getting out of bed not feel like such a terrible thing!

Man awake next to Lumie

Wake up lights wake you gradually with increasing natural light. This is a signal for the body to ease production of sleep hormones (e.g. melatonin) and increase those that help you get up and go (e.g. cortisol).

Wake-up light essentially help to keep your sleep cycle on track, boosting mood, energy and productivity levels all day.

Research has backed up the theory that wake up lights have a beneficial effect on sleep, waking, mood and energy. There are numerous studies proving this, but here are just a few:



  • Very smooth change in light
  • Really does rouse you gently from your sleep
  • Lots of customizable settings
  • Clock display turns off completely
  • Battery back-up
  • Alarm settings saved
  • Controls are not intuitive
  • Bulbs burning out is a common problem
  • Gets hot
  • Poor quality speakers
  • Operates on military time only
  • Need to remember to turn alarm on each night


My Verdict

My Rating - 81%


Expensive but great features

The Lumie BodyClock Active 250 has a lot going for it and in some respects the battery back-up and ability to turn off the time display completely give it a big advantage over the Philips models, in which these features are conspicuous by their absence.

The sunrise is lovely and it has many customizable settings, but it is also not easy to use and the bulbs burnout. But what loses it marks is the price mark which is quite high.

If you don’t mind spending out a little bit extra then you won’t be disappointed.

User Rating: 3.57 ( 2 votes)

Other Options

The deal breaker here is the battery back-up and ability to dim the time display completely. If those features are essential for you then go with this model.

If not, then the Philips Wake Up Light range is where you want to go. The Philips HF3520 is the one you want to go for which has the most features and a truly beautiful simulated sunrise.

For something that is a great wake-up light and way more go for either the Philips Smart Sleep or the Philips Smart Sleep Connected – check out their additional features!

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of this product, or if you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback! 

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